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Azam Maseeh is a fashion designer inspired by womens' voices from traditional cultures weaved into her contemporary designs. She empowers women through creative and luxury designs and desires her fashion
to tell women's unique stories.  She believes a woman's body is the main art on which clothing must be placed to accentuate the woman's personality, identity reflecting her voice.  

Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, her passion for fashion started when she was a young child. She still retains a memory of a moment during the Iran-Iraq War in 1986, when she was playing a pretend fashion show and her parent suddenly grabbed her and brought her to the basement due to a bombing in the city. Azam believe every woman has a childlike story, which if brought to her attire, will make her the most joyful and radiant.  She believes commercial clothing can often be pretty but may not be unique or in harmony with a woman's sole.  

In 2001, Azam moved to the United States where she formally studied fashion by taking formal courses and under private instructions. She lives with her family in Orange County, Southern California.